Arctic Cat has alerted their dealer network regarding all 2005 M-series sleds. It has been determined that there are two conditions that need to be addressed on the 2005 M-Series snowmobiles. As you may already know, there is a possibility of moisture having entered the gear case. If this... Read more
2-stroke engine tuners know that observing the amount of piston wash on the piston dome is a very accurate indicator as to the best fuel-air mixture for maximum power production in competitive situations. These small “clean areas” on top of the pistons, located where the fuel enters the combustion... Read more
The 2005 Mach Z was delivered with the TRA clickers set at #6, and this allowed the mighty twin to over-rev. Most riders simply turned the clickers down to #1 or #2, and while this tamed the peak operating RPM it tended to cause too much mass being thrown... Read more
Last issue we told you about updates for the 2005 Summit 1000 models; Ski-Doo has now informed their dealers of additional updates to be performed on 1000 SDI models, including most Summit 1000s and all Mach Zs. These machines will receive enhancements aimed at improving both performance and reliability.... Read more
Tuners are often confused when it comes to being able to identify whether a particular adjusting screw on a carb is a fuel screw (that adjusts low speed fuel delivery) or an air screw (that adjusts low speed air delivery). Carb accessory guru Lonn Peterson at Thunder Products tells... Read more
We have just received a note from Arctic Cat regarding the 2006 M7 models within a VIN range of 4UF06SNW96T111797 – 4UF06SNW06T112997 and the 2006 Crossfire models within the VIN range of 4UF06SNW46T113280 – 4UF06SNW26T115934. According to Arctic Cat, “Due to the unforeseen circumstances, Gas Tank Neck Extension (p/n... Read more
With real estate becoming a precious commodity under the hoods of many new sleds, finding a place to carry a spare drive belt is becoming challenging. Nobody in their right mind would leave home without a spare drive belt! A couple of things to remember when mounting a spare... Read more
Our friends at Black Magic Racing reminded us to remind you to go out and start up your sled, like right now. Seriously. Where is your sled and how did you put it away at the end of the season? Did you take the gas out of the carbs?... Read more
What is considered “normal” oil consumption for a 1000cc Yamaha RX 4-stroke engine? Anything up to one quart per 1,000 miles, according to Yamaha. With a high-revving high performance engine like this it will use some oil under normal operating conditions. Anything over one quart per 1,000 miles is... Read more
All 2005 Ski-Doo Summit Highmark 1000 SDIs should have the pulse fitting on the crankcase replaced (by your Ski-Doo dealer) to eliminate fuel starvation and bogging. In addition to the pulse fitting, the ECM will be reprogrammed, the fuel pump will be cleaned and the throttle position sensor (TPS)... Read more