2020 Polaris – Standard Battery Charging Connector
If one were to think of what kind of feature a manufacturer could add to their sleds that most every single buyer would both use and appreciate, one would be the addition of connector for a battery charger. Seriously, think about it. Every single one of use has to... Read more
2019 Indy XC Velocity Series  Shock Knobs
If you happen to have one of the 2019 Polaris Indy XC 129” sleds, then you have a Walker Evans Velocity Series shock on the rear torque arm, and a compression-adjustable Piggyback Walker Evans with a 2” body on the front torque arm. One thing many riders had happen... Read more
Snowmobile Inspection –  Idler Wheel Check
As a snowmobile owner, one is expected to be able to keep track of and be aware of some simple service items to keep your sled running smoothly. The most basic is to fill the gas and oil tanks before operation. One should also watch the coolant level of... Read more
BRP Vibration Damping Clutch Technology
Starting with the launch of the REV Gen 4 platform, BRP has been quietly using a Patent-Pending technology on the pDrive clutch to minimize engine vibration. This unique new solution adds no weight but helps to solve the vibration issue many large displacement two-cylinder snowmobile engines experience. To minimize... Read more
Solving High Idle Problems: Quad Flow Torque Wing
Some of our carbureted snowmobiles have a problem sometimes called the “high idle syndrome”. It’s not predictable, and it can increase or decrease on its own. Some riders have gotten off of their sleds and watched in despair as the sled took off on its own without them. What... Read more
Ski-Doo Product Updates for 2019
There have been several improvements to the 2019 Ski-Doo snowmobiles since their introduction last Spring, some of which have been noticed by dealers and consumers alike as these sleds have been arriving at the dealerships. Ski-Doo had announced some of these changes at their dealer meeting in February, but... Read more
Yamaha Snoscoot / Arctic Cat ZR 200 Gauge
Recreational Motorsports has the perfect gauge for the new Yamaha Snoscoot and the Arctic Cat ZR 200 sleds. Designed by Koso and sold by Recreational Motorsports, the DB02S gauge has a ton of features to help you tune your sled. Like any quality gauge should display, this one will... Read more
Suspension Set-Up Tips
Most snowmobile suspensions will be set up correctly out of the box (for the typical riding style expected of each model type) only requiring a simple adjustment to the rear spring(s) for the correct amount of rear sag. If the factory settings need to be adjusted, it is important... Read more
AXYS Underhood Storage Bag
Keep goggles and other personal gear warm throughout the day with a convenient underhood storage solution. The new Underhood Storage Bag from Polaris attaches with a bracket with fasteners and durable Velcro straps, the semi-rigid design keeps its shape even when empty for easy access. Perfect during cold riding... Read more
Hygear Single Shot Solution
Hygear Suspension has developed a coil-over solution for the Yamaha Apex and Vector models using the Single Shot rear suspension. The undersized stock 1.5 Float shock is replaced with a much larger 2.0 Fox coil-over platform that is built using Hygear Suspension’s custom Fox H1 build specifications. The shock... Read more