Pilot R2 – Aggressive Ski-Doo Skis
One of the things that have escaped us the past few years is the skis being offered by Ski-Doo. The Pilot 5.7 has been a good trail ski, but not really all that aggressive. The DS2 ski is more of a deep snow ski and is much more aggressive,... Read more
2018 Ski-Doo Remote Suspension Adjusters
Two new accessories from Ski-Doo for 2018 change the handling of your sled from the handlebars: the Remote Limiter Strap Adjuster for mountain sleds and the Remote Coupler Block Adjuster for trail sleds. Just a turn changes weight transfer to dial-in your preferred ride. The Remote Coupler Block Adjuster... Read more
With the introduction of the 2014 Yamaha SR Viper models, Yamaha started to have sleds built by Arctic Cat. For the 2014 model year, the SR Viper models had a variation of the Arctic Cat skis, using the same ski rubber (in-between the skis and spindle). That meant if... Read more
Yamaha has issued a safety recall for their 2016 SR Viper snowmobiles equipped with a dealer-installed Mountain Performance Inc. (MPI) Turbo Kit. The Mountain Performance Inc. (MPI) Turbo Kits were sold as an after-market accessory at Yamaha snowmobile dealers nationwide from March 2015 through September 2016 for about $3,300.... Read more
New Sidewinder Helixes
Are all three of the shift rollers making contact with the helix ramps in your Yamaha Sidewinder secondary clutch? You might want to take a look, as there have been some issues reported with the OEM rollers not having even contact, leading to flat spots on the rollers and... Read more
Deep Snow Intake Suffocation
As many of us discover when the snow gets really deep, a snowmobile can start to suffocate and have a hard time breathing, both in terms of intake and exhaust. Riding in a couple feet (or more) of fresh, light powder snow makes for great riding, but it really... Read more
Tuning Components for 2016 + Arctic Cats
For some die hard sledheads, fine tuning their sled is everything. Dalton Industries now has a wide selection of tuning components for the 2016+ Arctic Cat models featuring the new TEAM primary and BOSS secondary clutches. Dalton now has more helixes and more of the new springs that are... Read more
E-TEC Sensor Adapter

If you have installed an aftermarket muffler on your E-TEC sled, pay attention.

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Billet Head Kits
We often times are asked about the billet head kits that are available from the aftermarket. So, here’s the deal. The OEM engine configuration has to assume you might run into some bad gas somewhere along the way, and they have to assume you might be running the sled... Read more
Reverse-Compatible Ice Scratcher Retrofit
There are still a bunch of us that are using the traditional coil-spring ice scratchers, you know, the long ones down on the suspension rails that we unhook from the rails and drop down onto the snow. The coil spring design provides great tension and we get a great... Read more