The new harder-compound drive belts found on most of the new high performance models provide extreme durability and last extremely well. In fact, they will typically wear out prior to losing cogs or blowing. That is good for most of us, but we have seen this kind of extended... Read more
When you hop on a snowmobile, any snowmobile, there is one adjustment that almost always can and should be made so the sled works properly for you. More accurately, for your weight. For a snowmobile to perform properly, it must be in balance, front to rear. When you place... Read more
Poor man’s Snowmobile GPS Solution
Some snowmobilers are not rich, but they do still like to enjoy some of the finer aspects of the sport. While most of us are carrying a smart phone that has some form of GPS app on it, and while these phones work sometimes while out in the woods,... Read more
Just introduced on select 2015 AXYS models last year, Polaris is now making their innovative Interactive Digital Display available for all other AXYS and Pro-Ride models (except 550 fans). The PIDD is a 4.3” color LCD display that is a combination gauge with all of the typical gauge functions... Read more
      If you find the need to perform service on the battery or electrical system of a sled fitted with a battery, be sure to follow the proper procedure for disconnecting and re-connecting the battery to prevent damage to any of the sensitive electrical components. The newer... Read more
      In the busy world today, fewer of us are taking the time to adjust the deflection of the drive belt on our snowmobiles. However, even with the new drive belt compounds that last so very long, you should adjust the belt deflection after the first 150... Read more
     2016 Ski-Doo sleds fitted with the brand new Pilot TS skis will, of course, be using a very different carbide runner as it is a super-narrow carbide blade that slides up and down in a slot in the ski body. The 1/4” wide narrow profile runner penetrates... Read more
     Owners of Ski-Doo REV-XS, REV-XP and REV-XR sleds with 42” wide front ends can upgrade their sled to the new RAS 2 front suspension, and ALSO get the new spindles that allow the use of the brand new adjustable Pilot TS skis! We were able to get... Read more
Snowmobile Chassis Set-Up
What follows is a chassis set-up that Kevin Metheny of Ultimate Sports (USI) shares with his customers when they install a set of his X2 or SPX composite skis. This is a proven formula for those looking to maximize the installation of their high performance composite skis. When you... Read more
We have confirmed with Thunder Products that they will be offering their heavy-duty 911 Response primary clutch cover for the new TEAM primary clutch found on the 2016 Arctic Cat sleds. As with all 911 Response covers, it provides a larger bearing surface area for improved alignment and support... Read more