We have confirmed with Thunder Products that they will be offering their heavy-duty 911 Response primary clutch cover for the new TEAM primary clutch found on the 2016 Arctic Cat sleds. As with all 911 Response covers, it provides a larger bearing surface area for improved alignment and support... Read more
Arctic Cat mountain riders can experience the ultimate carving and side-hilling upgrade with a new AMS A-Arm Kit. Available for Arctic Cat ProClimb snowmobiles, this kit delivers the same 36”ski stance as the 2016 M-Series mountain sleds via the new, lightweight forged aluminum spindles and lightweight alloy A-arms. The... Read more
Last season with the new 2014 SR Viper models, one of the things we really missed was Yamaha’s dual-keel dual-runner Tuner skis. Not to worry, as for 2015 Yamaha has introduced a new version of their popular Tuner skis specifically designed for the new SR Viper models. While these... Read more
Have you ever been out riding your Ski-Doo and had the check engine light come on, wondering what might have caused it? If you have a 2008 or newer sled with the multi-function gauge, just press and hold the “MODE” button and press the headlight “HI/LOW” beam switch repeatedly;... Read more
Today’s gasoline breaks down quickly. When it does, it leaves behind a thick varnish-like residue that adheres to the walls of its container, including the inside of the fuel system in your snowmobile. The small passages in the fuel system can become restricted or blocked, leading to all kinds... Read more
Now you can maximize your suspension’s performance and add maximum adjustability with the new Tucker Hibbert Signature Series FOX SHOX for Arctic Cat ZR models. These front and rear suspension shocks feature piggyback reservoirs, velocity-sensitive dampening and Kashima coating for optimal performance in all conditions. The FLOAT 3 EVOL... Read more
Ski-Doo has alerted their dealers that the rear idler wheel (rear axle) bolts might loosen on all 2014 Summit and Freeride models with the tMotion rear suspension. If this should occur, the idler wheels and/or the rear axle shaft could become damaged. Ski-Doo has told their dealers to remove... Read more
Many of the Arctic Cat trail sleds come with a unique dual carbide runner, the Arctic Cat Split Ski runners. Where the higher performance sleds come with a single bar carbide for more aggressive cornering, the more trail-oriented models come with the Split runners to provide reduced darting. But... Read more
Ski-Doo has available a new ECM software update for some of their 2014 ACE 900 models. The purpose of the update was to improve cold starting at temperatures of -30°C (-22°F) or colder. In these extreme temperatures some units would not start. This update might have been installed into... Read more
Back in 2008 (model year 2009) when Ski-Doo first introduced their 600 E-TEC engine platform, they also introduced a new semi-synthetic XPS injection oil at the same time. Since the E-TEC engine with its electronic oil pump was using so much less oil than previous engine designs, Ski-Doo strongly... Read more