Ski-Doo has available a new ECM software update for some of their 2014 ACE 900 models. The purpose of the update was to improve cold starting at temperatures of -30°C (-22°F) or colder. In these extreme temperatures some units would not start. This update might have been installed into... Read more
Back in 2008 (model year 2009) when Ski-Doo first introduced their 600 E-TEC engine platform, they also introduced a new semi-synthetic XPS injection oil at the same time. Since the E-TEC engine with its electronic oil pump was using so much less oil than previous engine designs, Ski-Doo strongly... Read more
The addition of the 7000-Series C-TEC4 Yamaha 1049cc 4-stroke engine to the 2014 Arctic Cat model line brings with it a revised formula for their 4-cycle synthetic snowmobile oil. Thus, Arctic Cat has a new synthetic engine oil that not only satisfies the requirements of the 1049cc Yamaha engine,... Read more
One of the changes being made to some of the 2014 Yamaha models as a result of the mutual supply agreement with Arctic Cat can be found in the chaincase. Sources tell SnowTech Magazine that we will now find a new 13-wide Borg Warner chain and machined gears (not... Read more
One of the factors in fuel delivery calibration that is sometimes overlooked is that of fuel pressure. A key point to remember is that the ECU (ECM) does not monitor fuel pressure. It always calculates the fuel injector duration assuming the vehicle’s set fuel pressure. If there is a... Read more
One of the more frequent questions is if you own a Ski-Doo E-TEC and can’t find premium 91-92 octane fuel while out riding, are you better off adding some form of octane booster or can you run 87-89 octane fuel? How safe is it to do so? According to... Read more
If you wanted an electric start on your Arctic Cat 800 Procross or Proclimb last winter, you likely discovered it simply was not available. Arctic Cat didn’t have them ready yet, or at least not in a form that was acceptable to be shipped to you. Wait no more,... Read more
Introduced as an accessory kit last winter, Yamaha has smartly made their dual keel dual runner skis as standard issue on a number of their FX Nytro models for 2013. We were so impressed with this new ski last season that we need to make sure each and every... Read more
(From the September 2012 issue of SnowTech) If you own a Ski-Doo Summit you no doubt have heard of the new tMotion rear suspension that is coming on the 2013 Summit models that allows the rear suspension to pivot slightly (left and right) which allows the rider to maneuver... Read more
When servicing a primary clutch on an Arctic Cat, one needs to pay attention to what year of sled the clutch is on – because starting with the 2010 model year, the hardware switched from SAE sizing to metric. This has caught unknowing technicians off guard when they try... Read more