One thing we continue to experience each year with many sleds, particularly the Ski-Doo REV models, is where the machine will begin to run erratically, to the point of maybe even missing and backfiring. You clearly know there is something not quite right with the running quality. This is... Read more
Black Magic Racing did some looking into the ‘04 and ‘05 Arctic Cat 660 ST models and found that these sleds are not immune to engine movement. They put the sled up on a stand and in a word, “HOLY”! You wouldn’t think that a motor that big would... Read more
Maybe you own a 2005 Polaris 900, or maybe you’re considering buying a carryover at a great price. Either way, Polaris has made many detail upgrades that have been implemented on the 2005 build. A small number of units were affected by a drive shaft upgrade. A small number... Read more
Owners of 2003 and 2004 Yamaha RX Mountain sleds are encouraged to update their machines to the 2005 model specifications. Applying the 2005 model specs to the 2003 and 2004 models will minimize shift RPM loss at higher altitudes and provide better overall performance. Basically, the sled will run... Read more
Does your Ski-Doo 600 SDI foul spark plugs during warm-up? Or, does it surge excessively when the pipe is cold during acceleration? Ski-Doo has made available a revised ECM program for those 2004 600 SDI models and 2005 MX Z 600 SDI Renegade models that exhibit these symptoms (other... Read more
One corner that gets cut by many tuners involves the re-use of many of the hardware parts (nuts, bolts, cotter pins) when performing clutch service. Many of these smaller fasteners are specified for replacement during re-assembly. Do you know why? Just image what happens when a re-used cotter pin... Read more
Several speed shops that modify Arctic Cat EFI models have started using a small “black box” available from Advanced Performance in South Haven, Michigan. This small electronic device can add fuel to the EFI mapping, presumably by increasing the duration of the injector timing. It can not, however, remove... Read more
Checking the oil level on these new four-stroke Yamahas requires several specific steps to obtain an accurate reading. Failure to follow the proper procedure can result in a false low oil reading, which may in turn cause you to add oil when you don’t need it! To properly check... Read more
Since Bombardier Recreational Products makes so many different models of what may appear to be very similar sleds, we have found it most helpful when communications with just about anyone regarding a specific machine to include the Ski-Doo 4-digit model code in the correspondence. This will be most helpful... Read more
As the length and lug height of mountain tracks increases, the clutching requirements of the machine also change. This is especially true if you have a working combination and install a more aggressive track. The added length and height works the engine and clutches harder, as the torque feed... Read more