If you should happen to look for a wiring diagram for a 2004 Ski-Doo Legend, it’s not in the 2004 ZX Shop Manual where it’s supposed to be! Ski-Doo service found it instead in the 2004 REV Shop Manual. Go figure! Read more
If you should decide to increase the compression ratio of your engine during the course of modifications, remember that this will also reduce the peak operating RPM of the engine package. And, the higher the compression is the higher the quality of fuel that must be used for any... Read more
If you should experience fogging on the inside of the fancy LCD gauge assembly found on recent Yamaha models, do not replace the entire gauge! This is usually caused by moisture (steam) entering the gauge and condensing on the inner lens. To remedy this, inspect the rubber sealing boot... Read more
Electronic servo-controlled power valves are great for providing a wider power output, reduced noise and emissions, along with an improvement in fuel economy. They are not, however, totally service-free. The cables used to connect the servo motor to the valve will, as will most cables, stretch over time and... Read more
Many times we’re asked about the rust-colored substance on many of our sleds exhaust springs. This is simply a hi-temp silicone that we apply a small amount of in between the coils of the stretched exhaust springs in an attempt to dampen engine vibrations and subsequent spring breakage. This... Read more
Several mountain riders have discovered, clearly not by intent, that some of the front end components on their new REV-based mountain sleds are not as stout as the previous ZX-based chassis. This is when they’re hitting things like stumps and rocks; severe impact situations that wreck things like the... Read more
A number of 2004 Arctic Cat ZR 900 owners experienced durability issues with the new ACT Diamond Drive gearbox. After a thorough investigation, Arctic Cat determined an improper heat treatment was used during the manufacturing of the ACT driveshaft, allowing the driveshaft to break. Sources indicate this affected approximately... Read more
Ski-Doo has determined that a limited number of visors for their BV2S helmet were assembled incorrectly. Characteristics of an incorrectly assembled visor include deforming of the inner double lens and/or inexplicable fogging. We had such a helmet and experienced exactly this, yet so many other users found the BV2S... Read more
Tuners have discovered the spark plug caps on Firecat models need to be all the way down onto the spark plug. If there is ANY ceramic showing from the outside of the plug, the cap is not on all the way. This will cause misfiring and overall poor performance.... Read more
Each exhaust system consists of many gaskets and sealing surfaces all the way from the cylinder to the outlet in the belly pan. Most tuners are aware of the importance of verifying a good seal at all “hard” joints, especially at the manifold to expansion chamber joint and at... Read more