Arctic Cat M-Series owners can really benefit from a 2 to 3 inch riser block (except for the new 2009 models with the vertical adjusting column). We run into riders all the time that have stock height bars on their Cats and wonder why they are having a hard... Read more
Owners of the Polaris IQ models would be wise to check the camber on their sleds. Many dealers and savvy riders report having to adjust this on their new sleds each year.  If you or your dealer fails to verify or adjust this, the handling of the sled will... Read more
All of us need to periodically check the adjustment/calibration of the oil pump on your sled. This is primarily due to the extremely sensitive nature of the pump calibration, as only millimeters make a huge difference in the amount of oil delivered. The pump calibration changes slowly over time... Read more
As many of you discovered last season, the snow was deep out west last year.  Every ride we went on seemed to have 2 feet or more of fresh, light powder snow. It was great riding, but it really worked the sleds hard. Air intakes would plug, underhood heat... Read more
Since gas prices are becoming more of an issue, we should cover some of the ways to improve the fuel economy of most any and every snowmobile. For starters, slow down. The amount of fuel it takes to propel a sled at higher speeds is not linear, it is... Read more
We’ve found that fine powder snow can often get into the airbox through the headlight adjuster on the Polaris IQ chassis models, especially the RMK models in the deep snow that was so common in the West this past season. We have had some questions regarding this, and have... Read more
Ethanol fuels are becoming more commonplace throughout the snowbelt. Speed shops and engine builders have traditionally recommended shying away from ethanol fuel whenever possible, because non-ethanol fuel is typically more stable and consistent. However, in some areas you can no longer get fuel without ethanol in it. In other... Read more
The new Polaris belt part number 3211115 found on most of the new high performance models provides extreme durability and lasts extremely well. In fact, it will typically wear out prior to losing cogs or blowing. That is good for most of us, but we have seen this extended... Read more
The torque specification for the exhaust probe in the Polaris Service manual part number 9921044 on page 4.25 shows 32 ft.lbs. The tuners at Starting Line Products felt this torque spec was too high and have been telling their customers to use 12-15 ft.lbs. instead. If you ever pull... Read more
The 2007 Arctic Cat F-Series models have plastic hood screens that are press-fit into the hood at various points; as snow screens up on the front and nose of the sled, and what we call the “knee vents”. During aggressive riding, your knees can contact and knock the screens... Read more