Sidewinder Clutching

Sidewinder Clutching

Tech Shorts December 21, 2016 0

To get the most out of the new turbocharged engine performance with no compromise to Yamaha’s reputation for industry leading drive belt durability, Yamaha engineers designed a revised CVT clutch system for the Sidewinder models. This new clutching system is being called the YSRC Transmission System and it is found exclusively on all of the 2017 Yamaha Sidewinder models.

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Micro Start XP-1

Micro Start XP-1

Tech Shorts December 16, 2016 0

With more and more snowmobiles having electric start, and many now do not have a recoil starter rope as a back-up method of starting, what do you do if your battery should fail you while out in the woods?

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2017 Ski-Doo pDrive Primary Clutch
One of the biggest functional changes found on the Gen 4 REV models from Ski-Doo for 2017 is the new pDrive primary (drive) clutch. This clutch design was first introduced on the 2016 Ski-Doo MXZx 600RS racing snowmobile, and marks a significant evolution in the world of CVT snowmobile... Read more
RMK Silencer with Integrated Hot Dogger/ Hot Pot Mount
Back a few years ago when we could lift the hood on a sled and get at the exhaust, many of us would mount a “Hot Dogger” cooker on top of the exhaust so we could cook lunch while out riding. We mount strap the Hot Dogger to the... Read more
2017 Polaris MessageCenter Gauge
One of the neatest new features found on the 2017 Polaris sleds is a new gauge up on the dash. The new “MessageCenter Gauge” is now standard issue on all 2017 models, except those that come with the optional high-end PIDD Gauge (or WideTrak or Youth models). It features... Read more
Destination: West Yellowstone, Montana
The town of West Yellowstone, Montana continues to be one of the premier snowmobile destinations in the world. Located at an elevation of 6,667 feet, it receives on average 153” of snow per year and basks in 184 days of sunshine. Completely bordered by three national forests and Yellowstone... Read more
TEAM Rapid Response II

TEAM Rapid Response II

Tech Shorts September 26, 2016 1
Found exclusively on the 2017 Arctic Cat Thundercat models is the new TEAM Rapid Response II drive clutch. The TEAM Rapid Response II features an industry exclusive auto-adjusting belt tension design that delivers consistent performance without manual adjustments, always maintaining the proper sheave-to-belt side clearance. It also features a... Read more
Ski-Doo Gen 4 REV Friction Stir Welding
One of the latest technologies found on the chassis of the new Gen 4 REV platform from Ski-Doo is the use of a NASA technology called “Friction Stir Welding”. This is the process by which Ski-Doo is attaching the cooler extrusion to the tunnel. Instead of using tradition tungsten... Read more
AMSOIL Quickshot Fuel Additive
AMSOIL Quickshot addresses common fuel issues found in small engine and powersports equipment. Any of your engines that have fuel that sits in them for more than a couple of weeks will benefit from the use of a product like this. Ever-changing EPA regulations have made today’s fuels even... Read more
2017 Polaris New Technology
IGX 144” Uncoupled Rear Suspension 2017 Switchback Assault and Switchback SP models on the AXYS platform are fitted with a new 144” rear suspension called the IGX 144 Skid. This all-new rear suspension greatly improves the on-trail performance of the Switchback Assault. It features front arm geometry very similar... Read more