2017 Polaris New Technology
IGX 144” Uncoupled Rear Suspension 2017 Switchback Assault and Switchback SP models on the AXYS platform are fitted with a new 144” rear suspension called the IGX 144 Skid. This all-new rear suspension greatly improves the on-trail performance of the Switchback Assault. It features front arm geometry very similar... Read more
2017 SKI-DOO Rotax 850 E-TEC Gen2 Engine
With the all-new Rotax 850 engine, BRP is launching the second generation of its now legendary E-TEC technology. This engine is new from the ground up. Key E-TEC engine technologies are refined, while new technologies are added to the most advanced snowmobile engine ever released bringing riders four key... Read more
2017 SKI-DOO REV Gen 4 Platform
For 2017 Ski-Doo introduces their 4th generation REV platform, taking snowmobile performance to new heights yet again. Key to delivering on this promise was something BRP hadn’t done in more than 20 years – developing the snowmobile platform and engine together. The team created a narrow powerpack in the... Read more
     Where do you ride? Trail? Backcountry? Racing? With a track like the new Talon 45 (45mm or 1.74” lug height), it really doesn’t matter where you are or how you want to ride, this is one track that can pretty much do it all. The Talon 45... Read more
     Answering requests for even more traction, the RipSaw family of tracks has been expanded to now include a taller 1.5” lug height RipSaw II in track lengths of 120, 129 and 137”. This taller lug model gives trail riders the confidence to attack trails that have not... Read more
     One of the things noticed when a snowmobile is powered by a near-silent electric motor is how much noise the machine still makes. The source? Track noise. Our staff even noticed this with the new ACE 900 models from Ski-Doo, in that the engine’s intake and exhaust... Read more
     Check out these all-new shocks from Fox, dubbed the QS3 adjustable shock absorbers. Not everyone wants or needs super-adjustability with shocks that have 10-20 clicks of adjustment, and Arctic Cat especially has been keen to this for many years. Thus, some of the 2016 models from Arctic... Read more
     We’ve been using the Superclamp tie downs for years and years to quickly clamp our sleds down on the trailer bed, so we are familiar with the innovative products from this company. That’s why we got excited when we saw their latest creation called the SuperTrac. Offered... Read more
Here’s a good one with plenty of potential in the snowmobile market – an electronically rider selectable suspension calibration with continuous damping control. Instead of having to get off of your sled and make suspension changes, this system would allow the rider to input their changes electronically, which would... Read more

Kashima Coat

Tech Shorts January 13, 2015 0
So we should all be familiar with things like chrome plating, hard anodizing, or even things like Teflon coatings; surface treatments to metals to make them harder, more slippery or able to better withstand heat or corrosion. But what about Kashima Coat? Have you heard of that one yet?... Read more