Ski-Doo REV riders should all be familiar with the little black air deflectors found on most of the 2003-2007 REV models. Attached to the top of the side panels on both sides, these little wind deflectors did a great job at helping to deflect cold air up and away... Read more
One of the sensors used by the Ski-Doo E-TEC direct fuel injection system is an atmospheric pressure sensor, or air pressure sensor. The air pressure is used by the ECM computer module to calculate the proper amount for fuel needed for the conditions (in addition to many other sensors).... Read more
Clean belts and clean clutch sheaves allow the sheaves to better grab the belt with less slipping, that’s less friction and heat. Logically we want to keep the drive belt and clutches free of oil, or any residuals that promote slippage instead of traction. One question that often comes... Read more
Some owners of Ski-Doo sleds with the new 800R E-TEC engine package complained about engine misfiring. It is very important for owners of the 800R E-TEC engine package to understand the proper operating RPM of this engine package is 7900-8000, not 8150 RPM like on the PowerTEK version of... Read more
One trick that has become more popular is filling the ends of the handlebars with something like an aerosol foam (expanding foam insulation in a can) or some type of silicone (like a tube of silicone caulking). This serves several purposes – it acts as a vibration damper to... Read more
We came across a really handy cross reference chart for Ski-Doo drive belts that is sure to come in handy for many of you. It pretty much lists the availability and service description of each belt, and what the older belt numbers have been replaced with newer, higher quality... Read more
Owners of affected 2009 Arctic Cat Crossfire and M-Series models have been notified of a potential issue with the tightening of the mounting nut securing the fuel pump to the gas tank. Some units have been found to not have adequate tension on this mounting nut. Arctic Cat has... Read more
Riders who are familiar with the traditional torsion springs found in most rear suspensions are often thrown for a loop when it comes to setting the rear preload on a Yamaha fitted with the Monoshock rear suspension. Instead of torsion springs, the Monoshock suspension has a single coil spring... Read more
Once you get 50 hours on your Polaris IQ model, it will start flashing “SERVICE” on the LCD screen each time you start your sled. Some riders know what this means; do you? This doesn’t mean that something has suddenly gone wrong with your sled.  Most Polaris sleds are... Read more
Since we’re talking about transfer on mountain sleds, we might as well talk about the new Ski-Doo Summit XP models as well. We found, after riding a number of the Summit XPs, that the amount of transfer was inconsistent. This sled seems to be very sensitive to the limiter... Read more